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It is quite hard to feel fresh and rejuvenated if you are not having a good sleep. Rest is essential to keep your activities full of energy. But sleep disorders can be a real struggle, as it keeps you unrested. Also, it can have serious health implications if not treated properly at the right time. Diagnosing sleep ailments is vital to get the best health assessment and care.

Experts in the Lung Consultants Facilitate Top-Notch Assistance to Take Care of Your Sleep Health

Our health experts, having a better understanding of sleep disorder symptoms, believe in listening and serving as the perfect aid to your sleep health. They are capable of differentiating a variety of symptoms like fatigue, snoring, inability or difficulty in falling asleep, or tiredness after waking up as situational or conditional that require further testings.

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Our Goal is to Assure You of Better Sleep at Night

The Lung Consultants makes use of in-home sleep test devices, which skillfully monitor respiration, oxygen level, and breathing efforts during a prescribed time. We also venture with many local sleep lab facilities to provide accurate in-lab studies. The Lung Consultants comes with a variety of modern equipment options to offer you the best care when you need it the most.

We are Committed to Provide You Safer &Comfortable Sleep

The Lung Consultants help you to follow the right sleep schedule to have a better and peaceful sleep. Contact the Lung Consultants representative today to start your journey with us!

Sleep Testing Made Simple

With no lab visits, our secure, online process gets you diagnosed and on your way to better sleep in as little as seven days.

1. Video chat with a doctor

We schedule an online consultation with our board-certified physician to evaluate your sleep health.

2. Take the test at home

In just one night of sleep, an easy-to-use device records your at-sleep breathing patterns and automatically shares results with the doctor.

3. Receive your results

After the doctor reviews your sleep test data, you receive a personalized Sleep Report, with prescription and therapy recommendation if diagnosed.

Central Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a disorder where breathing is repeatedly interrupted while asleep. Sleep apnea is classified as either Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) or Central Sleep Apnea (CSA).
CSA is a form of sleep apnea that is less common and less studied than OSA. Whereas OSA results from a blockage of the upper airway, CSA occurs when the brain fails to send appropriate signals to the breathing muscles to stimulate a regular breathing pattern.